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The name of our non-governmental organization is derived from the latin word "periculum," which means risk. Risk is a word that permeates all of our activities – namely, we try to highlight and warn of risk.

Our goal is to contribute to the prevention of unlawful conduct and risk behavior of citizens and institutions, and minimalize risk factors through charitable activities. It does not matter where the risk behavior takes place.

We have something to say and we try to say how to avoid risk behavior in traffic, school, playgrounds, interpersonal relationships, and in professional environments. Risk factors are everywhere, and we do not always realize it.

We also try to highlight risk factors, effects and new phenomena. Many of us simply cannot anticipate new risk factors, since we have not had experience with them. This particularly involves the dynamically developing area of information criminality.

Our effort is not about mundane mentoring and dull arguments about statistical variables. We try to interact as much as possible so that our preventive warnings are comprehensible to those to whom we send our message. We therefore use various simulators, trainers and didactic clues. We also often use new media - social networks, youtube, and others.

We have been invited to present at many social, sports and cultural events. In some cases we organize such events ourselves. We are actively involved in a world campaign – the UN proclamation "Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 – 2020." We are signatories of the "European Road Safety Charter."

Implemented activities:

We have participated in the project "Police for everyone," which is a statewide prevention project of the Czech Police. The project aims to increase legal awareness and increase personal safety for children and youth. The project teaches how to identify the first signs of risk behavior of a person and a victim's way of dealing with situations where a crime has occurred. It also reveals and points out potential serious consequences of meeting the offender, which he himself may not even realize before committing an unlawful act. Children and youth are the most valuable part of every society. They are the future. Because of their young age, minimal life experience, and ongoing psychosocial development they become victims but also perpetrators of the infringement. From the perspective of the impact it is not relevant whether the child is offender, witness or victim. Infringement always affects the family, relatives, friends and indeed all of society.


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